Early Communication and Phonological Readiness (Letters and Sounds Phase 1)

This course will cover:
  • An in-depth look at developing pedagogy and practice of early communication and phonological readiness through a play-based approach
  • Assessment and tracking of children’s development of phonics skills
Feedback from previous participants:
“Very interesting and interactive. A fun course, would highly recommend.”

“Very engaging and immediately applicable. Great to share experiences.”

“After a long absence from work it’s a fantastic refresher.”

Impact Statement
Pupils will:
  • develop their early listening, speaking and phonics skills in a multi-sensory play-based way
  • be confident communicators and develop a readiness for phonics as they move into Reception
Practitioners will:
  • identify pupils at risk of language delay
  • develop their understanding of the importance of engaging parents in their child’s learning
  • use effective intervention strategies and identify priorities for improvement and practice

Settings will:
  • understand the importance of developing a systematic, planned approach to the development of early communication and early phonics skills
  • develop effective and robust assessment systems to identify pupils at risk of language delay
  • develop effective early intervention strategies that support all pupils

Nursery teachers, NQTs, school based teaching students, practitioners new to nursery classes or PVIs, including EYPs and TAs