Behaviour Management Day 3: Feeling understood by others - Understanding the most interesting of behaviours

This third and final session, will look at techniques covered in the previous two sessions and support NQTs in the development of their own classroom / behavioural management.

The training will include:
  • Understanding the difference between learned and diagnosable behaviours and how to manage them accordingly;
  • Understanding of dynamics, links to positive reinforcement and reward;
  • Understanding that all behaviours can be modified effectively and holistically;
  • Additional skills and techniques to support both low level and extreme behaviours.
Impact Statement
Pupils will:
  • have more strategies to support their own behaviours and de-escalate
  • have a continued and consistent approach to behavioural management
  • have a teacher who is able to support them when their behaviours are difficult or distressing to manage
NQTs will:
  • believe in their own abilities to support a wide variety of behaviours
  • use techniques learnt consistently and empower pupil attainment
  • understand the differences between learned and diagnosed behaviours and have support mechanisms to manage them
  • have a clear understanding of their responsibilities within behavioural management
Schools will:
  • have NQTs who are not phased by distressing behaviours and who can deal with them according to both school policy and national guidance
  • have classrooms that are conducive to learning, with supportive, reflective practitioners

All NQTs

8th June 2021 (1:00pm - 4:00pm)
The Professional Development Centre (PDC), 1 Waterdale Road, London SE2 0XT (only disabled parking available on-site)
Meic Griffiths - Waterside Primary, Outreach, Nest & Nurture
£60 (non RBG school £70)
Included as part of the EYFS and Primary NQT or Secondary NQT packages, otherwise above charges apply
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