Behaviour Management Day 2: Knowing what makes you feel good - Tips and Tricks and things that don't work

This second session recaps some of the techniques covered in the first day, with NQTs encouraged to share experiences, but with a greater emphasis on practical solutions to support behaviours as well as ensure that NQTs well-being is managed and they feel equipped to cope with the emotional side of daily behavioural management.

The training will cover:
  • Recap of previous behavioural management techniques to ensure a consistency of approach;
  • A safe space for NQTs to explore issues they are having and to receive practical support;
  • Understanding how to de-personalise behaviours;
  • Understanding what pushes your buttons;
  • Body language;
  • What to do when you get to a point of no return;
  • The difference between de-escalation and diversion;
  • Tracking behaviours for patterns.
Impact Statement
Pupils will:
  • have more strategies to support their own behaviours and de-escalate
  • have a continued and consistent approach to behavioural management
  • have a teacher who is able to support them when their behaviours are difficult or distressing to manage
NQTs will:
  • become more reflective in their approach to behavioural management and use/adapt strategies to support behaviours
  • receive additional strategies to support behaviours in line with schools behavioural policy
  • understand that extreme behaviours can be supported and challenged
Schools will:
  • have NQTs who are not phased by distressing behaviours and who can deal with them according to both school policy and national guidance
  • have classrooms that are conducive to learning, with supportive, reflective practitioners

All NQTs

23rd February 2021 (1:00pm - 4:00pm)
The Professional Development Centre (PDC), 1 Waterdale Road, London SE2 0XT (only disabled parking available on-site)
Meic Griffiths - Waterside Primary, Outreach, Nest & Nurture
£60 (non RBG school £70)
Included as part of the EYFS and Primary NQT and Secondary NQT packages, otherwise above charges apply
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