Behaviour Management Day 1: Knowing when to ask for help - let's start at the very beginning - the ABC of Behaviour

This first session will be based upon ensuring that NQTs have the skills and techniques to handle most situations including:

  • Creating a positive learning environment.
  • Establishing non-negotiables.
  • How to get a ‘buy in’.
  • Understanding behaviours and your role in securing a positive outcome.
  • Understanding the roles of the specialist provisions available.
  • Understanding the law with regards to classroom disruption.
Impact Statement
Pupils will:
  • benefit from being educated in a secure and holistic environment
  • feel supported in managing their behaviours and attaining expectations
  • understand how to manage their behaviours and de-escalate
NQT's will:
  • understand the power of consistency in dealing with behaviours
  • develop their non-negotiables and skill base for de-escalating situations
  • understand how to use other adults to support
  • learn a variety of techniques to re-focus behaviours
  • understand who to ask for support and guidance
Schools will:
  • know that their behavioural management policies are implemented effectively within their classes
  • have NQT's who are acutely aware of their role in behavioural management and safeguarding

All NQTs