Emotional Well-being and Mental Health in the Classroom

This interactive workshop will introduce a strength based approach to emotional mental health involving both small group reflective discussion and activities. The workshop aims to increase teachers’ understanding of their role in promoting mentally healthy relationships in their classroom, and will be a useful introduction to the group consultations which are being offered for NQTs throughout the year.
Impact Statement
Pupils will:
  • benefit from increased emotional resilience
  • benefit from increased confidence to persevere with challenges in learning
NQTs will:
  • have an increased understanding of the factors that can promote mental health and emotional well-being in the classroom
  • have a greater appreciation of the impact of teachers’ own emotional well-being on their teaching practice
  • have an understanding of ways to manage the classroom environment that is conducive to teacher and pupil well-being, linked to real life scenarios
Settings will:
  • benefit from improved relationships between pupils and between pupils and teacher
  • benefit from a reduction in fixed term/permanent exclusions and school absence

NQTs in the EYFS, primary and secondary phases